LEV Air Testing

LEV Air Testing - Quality Air ExtractionWhat is LEV Air Testing?

LEV – Local Exhaust Ventilation. This is a control system that is designed to reduce exposures to airborne contaminants from typical exhaust ventilation systems like hoods, canopies, fans, ducting, typical examples are paint overspray, vapour, fumes, dust, glue and mist.

LEV Regulations

The Health And Safety Executive’s guidelines HSG258 require extraction systems to be thoroughly examined and tested as set down in COSHH, once every 14 months. Many extraction systems will over a period of time suffer from wear and tear, thus more frequent examinations / LEV Testing may be required.

What is COSHH?

COSHH – Control Of Substances that are Hazardous to Health.

Quality Air Extraction meets the HSG258 requirements. We will carry out your test and advise you of the results and if necessary provide a report on improvements required to aide the performance of your equipment.

Full certificate will be provided. Our electronic testing equipment is fully calibrated and certified.

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