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Quality Air Extraction Ltd specialises in fume, dust and vapour extraction for manufacturing businesses. Much of our work is around compliance to HSG258 guidelines and we provide inspection, servicing and certification for Spray booths,  we work nationwide.

We carry out important LEV Tests to make sure commercial fume extraction units are legal, safe and efficient, LEV tests should be booked in and carried out every 14 months by law however some clients have these tests more regularly due to the nature of some quite aggressive processes and to improve performance and the staff wellbeing.

The types of businesses we tend to work with are welding shops, woodworking shops, adhesives, fume cupboards,  spray / paint booths and typically indoor environments that produce dust and vapours.

We can supply, service, repair and install new spray booths and fume extraction eqipment efficiently. If you have a spray booth or need a spray booth testing then think Quality Air Extraction Ltd.

Providing onsite air extraction services in line with current HSG258 guidelines………